Business Plan

Expanding your company

We can provide strategies regarding the best way in which to expand your current company if you are considering opening a daughter / sister or parent company in the U.S.

Question: What needs to be done in order to establish a profitable company in the U.S.? It is important to be familiar with the market opportunities that are available in the U.S. In essence, you need to establish a business plan that specifically targets the market in the U.S.

Creating a business plan or having one created for you is based on the following:

  1. Before writing a business plan, it is important to find your an objective, a critical, and unemotional abstract for your company.
  2. f your business plan is prepared properly, then it will aide in both the growth and profitability of your new company.
  3. If you do not have the funds to establish such a company on your own, then it is important to establish a business plan that will attract investors and prove that your idea for a potential company will be both viable and profitable.

The purpose of establishing a business plan for your new company is to make it easier to establish and maintain a growth and profit. Investors want a high rate of return. Planning the appropriate strategy for your company is not only important, it is key!

It can be complicated to establish a company. More than half of the firms that are newly established cease to exist within the first ten (10) years. The main reason for companies going under is that they lack a viable business strategy, which starts with a business plan. Your business plan gives you a clear objective and timeframe, with which to measure your level of achievement. It is important not to forget that a business plan is created in order to give potential partners and investors an idea of what your company will be able to achieve. The better your business plan is, the easier it is to find partners and investors.

Creating a Business Plan

The business plan does not give solutions to potential problems, but instead provides the structure of your concept, as well as information with regard to the business venture. A well-written business plan gives the business venture viability and clearly states the steps that need to be taken in order to implement such a plan.

A business plan, especially in the U.S., should be logical, rational, and systematic.

A business plan is organized and provides instructions on how to coordinate and control the growth of your company not only strategically, but also in a timely manner from beginning to end.

There is no specific recipe for success with regard to establishing a new company; this is especially true abroad, such is the case in the United States. There are specific points that you must pay especial attention to. For further information, please contact us . Our team consists of people that specialize in corporate strategy and line of business strategy and are well equipped to do the strategic business planning for your company in English as well as in German for your German companies in the U.S.

A business plan should be consist of the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. A general description of the company
  3. A description of the products and/or services
  4. Marketing and advertising strategies
  5. Management organization
  6. Type of company, for example, GmbH, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, etc.
  7. Financing
  8. Operations, company processes, and strategies, including customer service, etc.