B- Visa & Status

The B-Visa is generally known as the visitor visa. In general, if you want to visit and not live or permanently stay in the United States you must first obtain a visitor visa. Travelers from certain countries may be exempt from this requirement if they fall under the Visa Waiver program.

There are two main categories for visitors, the B-1 visa/status or the B-2 visa/status.

The specific requirements can be found here B-1 visa/status & B-2 visa/status.

B-2 Visa & Status

The B-2 visa is for a temporary visit for pleasure.

Purpose: Temporary visa for pleasure, such as:
•Visiting friends
•Accompany B-1 visa holder

•Show Non-immigrant Intent through:
◦Residence in your home country
◦Employment there
◦Family in your home country
◦Provide a round trip ticket
◦Show sufficient funds to finance the trip

•at the appropriate American Consulate aboard
•Form- DS 160
•Valid passport or travel documents
•Passport photograph
•Visa fees

Consequence of visa application / petition:
•Visa can be issued for multiple trips, generally 6 month
•Generally, the visa is issued for multiple entries
•Can apply for one 6 month extension filed with USCIS Service Center along with the following:
◦Form I-539
◦Explanation, why necessary
◦Copy of return transportation ticket
◦Maintain oneself financially
◦Filing fees

Recommendations: Short Term Visit

Pursuant to the Visa Waiver Program, one can travel to the U.S. if the intended stay is not longer than 90 days. This program is used by a lot of visitors, as one saves the costs of the visa application fee.

Should you plan to remain in the U.S. for more than 90 days, the VWPP is not applicable. A visa must be obtained in order to enter the U.S. and should be obtained at the appropriate U.S. Consulate.