Registry of deed may assume that 59 – year-old woman can still get pregnant

German Probate: The OLG Hamm has decided that a 59 -year-old heiress may not be registered in the Registry of deed as the owner of the estate belonging land without “Nacherbenvermerk” when in a contract of inheritance with the deceased and future children of the heiress were used for the heirs. Quelle Juris

Immigration Success Stories needed for SCOTUS

In the United States v. Texas, et al Supreme Court case, the SCOTUS will determine whether Obama’s use of executive authority regarding immigration in November 2014 was valid. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the American Immigration Council are therefore collecting successful case examples to provide support for their amicus brief. They specifically want immigrants who were once undocument … Read More

Will Surrogacy be banned in Europe?

On December 17th the European Parliament passed a motion condemning the practice of surrogacy. Parliament created and passed the motion because it was decided that the practice of surrogacy involves the exploitation of the human body and that the practice treats the women and children as commodities. Parliament has now called on the European Union, the Commission, and President to … Read More

NVC Letters Indicating Possible Termination of Immigrant Visa Applications

Those who received a wrongful termination letter for their I-130 in July 2015 are expected to receive a letter from the NVC within the next 30 days. There was an error in the system, and the applications were not in fact terminated. Those who received a wrongful termination letter can file a I-601A waiver within the next year, and if … Read More

EOIR alert

EOIR alert that the EOIR Headquarters and the BIA are closed due to inclement weather. The Arlington, VA Immigration Court and the Baltimore Immigration Court are also closed.

Information on child benefit allowances

The allowance is increased by 2.00 Euro per month in the coming year. It is for the first and second child 190.00 Euros a month, for the third child 196.00 per month and for the fourth and each additional child, it is 221.00 Euro per month. In future, the child benefit will only be paid out if the tax identification … Read More

Power of attorney of a parent in a “Einbenennungsverfahrens”

Power of attorney of a parent in a “Einbenennungsverfahrens” OLG München 31. Zivilsenat, Beschluss vom 12.02.2015 – 31 Wx 7/15. Rulinge: If the mother has sole legal of her child, she can be used as the legal representative of the consent to “Einbenennung” of the child (confirmation of BayObLG , FamRZ 1977 409 ). Vertretungsbefugnis eines Elternteils im Einbenennungsverfahrens. OLG … Read More

International jurisdiction for enforcement of a child contact orders

International jurisdiction for enforcement of a child contact orders. BGH 12. Zivilsenat, Beschluss vom 30.09.2015 – XII ZB 635/14 Summary: The execution of an injuctive relief order permitting execution, issued as an interim measure is an independent process with a standalone way to appeal. The provision of § 99 subsection 1 FamFG governs the international jurisdiction for the enforcement of judgments … Read More