German Probate Law

We provide legal advice regarding German Inheritance Law, German Probate Law, German Probate Administration, and International Wills. This specifically entails the following services:

For Heirs

  • Claiming and enforcing your German share of inheritance
  • Consulting and provide recommendations if the German estate is heavily indebted
  • Providing assistance in German disclaimer proceedings
  • Petitioning and obtaining the German Certificate of Inheritance from the German Probate Court
  • Administrating and distributing moneys and assets according to the previously obtained German Certificate of Inheritance
  • Enforcing German elective share claims pursuant to German law
  • Providing advice regarding German inheritance taxes

For Testator

  • Provide legal advice and draft a valid and enforceable German last will and testament according to the German Law, for instance Berliner Testament, international last wills and testaments
  • Draft German living wills according to U.S. or German law
  • Provide German probate administration including distribution of assets

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