Child Benefit Payments

The child benefit is a tax benefit pursuant to § 66 Abs. 1 EStG in Germany.

Since 2016, the tax identification numbers of the applicant and of the legitimate child must be given in all child support applications because the application is otherwise not edited and so no benefits will be paid out. Even previous applications have to provide the identification numbers in writing to the family budget authorities. Therefore, in order to avoid any delays, it is recommended to provide those numbers as soon as possible.

Amount of child benefit payment

On 07.10.2015, the Federal Council agreed to the increase of the family benefits. Thus, the basic personal allowance, child benefit, and child allowance increased retroactively to 01.01.2015.

The basic allowance has increased retroactively to 118 euros, and in 2016, it will increase by another 180 euros. Simultaneously, the child allowance has increased by 144 euros, and in 2016, it will increase by another 96 euros.

Child benefit increases in two steps: In 2015 by 400.00 Euros and in 2016 by another 200.00 Euros :

bis 31.12.2014 01.01.2015 01.01.2016
1. and 2. Child 184 Euro 188 Euro 190 Euro
3. Child 190 Euro 194 Euro 196 Euro
ab 4. Child 215 Euro 219 Euro 221 Euro

As of 01 July 2016, additionally, the child allowance will be increased by 20.00 Euros per month.