Probate Law

We are licensed German and licensed U.S. attorneys who specialize in German Probate Law, German Probate Administration, and German Inheritance Law.

We provide legal advice regarding German Inheritance Law, German Probate Law, German Probate Administration, and International Wills.

This specifically entails services specifically for the heirs and the testators, such as

  • Claiming and enforcing your German share of inheritance
  • Consulting and providing recommendations if the German estate is heavily indebted
  • Providing assistance in German disclaimer proceedings
  • Petitioning and obtaining the German Certificate of Inheritance from the German Probate Court
  • Administrating and distributing moneys and assets according to the previously obtained German Certificate of Inheritance
  • Enforcing German elective share claims pursuant to German law
  • International inheritance law
  • Providing advice regarding German inheritance taxes
  • Providing legal advice and draft a valid and enforceable German last will and testament according to the German Law, for instance Berliner Testament, will between spouses, international last wills and testaments
  • Drafting German living wills according to U.S. or German law
  • Disinheriting
  • Providing German probate administration including distribution of assets
Inheritance matters for

Inheritance matters for