C- Visa & Status

There are different categories with respect to the C-Visa status. This includes C-1, C-2, and C-3.

First, if an alien is in “immediate and continuous transit through U.S., a -C-l status will be granted. This is used”, for instance, for crewmen joining ship and businessmen traveling from Belize to Jamaica through U.S.

C-1 Visa & Status

Specific requirements for the C-1 visa are:

1.One must be passing in immediate and continuous transit through U.S. Immediate defined as reasonably expeditious departure in normal course of travel as elements permit and prearranged itinerary assumes. No unreasonable layover privileges are allowed. If one wants to visit friends, etc., a different visa category is needed. 22 C.F.R. §41.71, 9 FAM 41.71 N.1. Be careful, if the C-1 is for a crewmen joining a ship, s/he needs a letter from the shipping company agreeing to pay the cost of removal if necessary. 9 FAM 41.41 N.3.1.
2.One must be in possession of a ticket or other assurance of transportation to a destination.
3. One must possess sufficient funds for transit.
4. One must have permission to enter the third country.
5.The period of stay cannot exceed 29 days. 8 C.F.R. §214.2(c)(3)

C-2 Visa & Status

Includes U.N. transits such as, non de jure and nonmember reps. More specifically people such as Chairman Arafat or U.N. experts are qualified to hold as C-2 status.

C-3 Visa & Status

Status Foreign representative passing through U.S. qualifies for C-3 status.

Problems that may occur include: One is unable to change their visa status. However, an adjustment of status can be made if one is to marry a U.S. citizen for example, but not if there must be a:

  1. Preconceived intent
  2. C-1 crewman status, or
  3. if one is ineligible for an extension of stay, or employment.